Friday, November 9, 2012

An Authentic Prayer...

       After reading yesterday's daily thought from Simple Abundance I have come to realize how healthy it is to pray. "Prayer is actually the authentic conversation because you don't have to hold back." We can say anything we want without being judged, without misunderstanding, without our words being paraphrased, without criticism, without emotional rages, and without ridicule.
       How many times have we just needed someone to talk to and relieve some of that stress? I for one just need someone who will listen, not solve my issues, not raise eyebrows, and not laugh, but just "listen". Everyone at some point enjoys going off on their own for a quiet walk or stroll. My favorite places are along the creek, along the beach, and in the woods. Serenity for myself and my God. It's our time for conversation and time for re centering. I have always returned renewed, refreshed and realigned with life. Sometimes I pray for things such as patience, forgiveness, comfort, guidance, or healing and at times I thank Him for the acceptance, the grace, the happiness, the forgiveness, the love, the joy, the peace, and even the hurtful lessons I have learned that He has brought into my life.
       I wish you all a wonderful weekend, a warm hug for those moments that seem unbearable, and a cheer for celebratory moments.
       As always thanks for reading!

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