Friday, February 17, 2012 and life

Depending on how one looks at his/her life, aging can be formidable. We become afraid of what will be or what if. We follow the secure path, the path that we are comfortable with and then we wonder how we have become so stagnant.
As I began drawing my newest color pencil piece months ago I was intrigued by the new color palette I had unconsciously chosen. This piece is fairly large (but may be cropped) and so the colors emanated rather quickly. I had taken a bold risk without initially realizing it and am enjoying it. Now whether this piece gets accepted is another story but I have no regrets on my color choices. This is my authentic indelible self and am loving the freedom that accompanies it.
Moving on to life itself....remember those days of youth? You trusted your first instincts whether it be choosing a particular color of crayon, flavor of ice cream, or which movie you wanted to see. How wonderful would it be to recreate that inner child or teenager again?
It's been exhilarating throwing caution to the wind (though not my responsibilities) and bringing out those buried dreams! I'm hoping to catch those dreams and bring them to life! One of which is to learn how to drive a stick. My husband's Miata is calling my name! ;) Other adventures to be continued.
Hopefully my readers will be able to do the same.
As always thank you for reading!


Lynda Schumacher said...

Ok; now I am really curious and anxious to see this new piece! I'm sure it is wonderful, as they always are. Girl, DRIVE that Miata......and come pick me up! (Don't worry, Bill.....hahahahaha)

Teresa Mallen said...

Okay Dianna, where is the work in progress PICTURE????? No photo - hummm...girlfriend you are a tease. Driving a standard, especially a sports car is great fun. Maybe not so much in a city, all those dreary lights and all but on country roads, very nice indeed.