Monday, January 23, 2012

Accepting the here and now

For years I have tried to control my life and those around me and much to my demise I have discovered that the more I fought it, the unhappier, anxious and depressed I became. So, what to do?
I'm handing it up to God, the Universe, the Higher Power and allowing Him to take the lead. I've learned something.....I'M NOT THE BOSS!! As a girl and now a woman, we were taught that the mother is the one who takes care of the children, does the housework, grocery shopping, cooking, gardening and loves her husband! That was then, this is now, which now includes (in most homes) a job outside the house. I don't know about you but to me this sounds to the title of a BOSS. Right?
I am accepting that I can only take care of myself and GUIDE those around me. They in turn have a choice which takes the responsibility off my shoulders and ultimately leads me to a less stressful life. Rather than putting up the pessimistic roadblocks I am learning to observe the positive attributes of the polars.
Swimming upstream all my life has been exhausting. I could never enjoy what was set before me because I was so domineering. Letting go, accepting the past and present, and allowing God, the Universe, or Higher Power to take the reigns is exhilarating.
I'm accepting change in my life. And now I must embrace it!
As always, thanks for reading!


Katherine Thomas said...

This is a wonderful, heartfelt, thought-provoking post. Thank you so much for sharing it. I admire your ability to see everything so clearly!

Dianna Soisson said...

Haha! Thanks Katherine. Trust me, it's still difficult at times but my grown children are reminding that it's their lives and they are making good choices!

Kendra said...

Time to take a step back and let a Higher Power be the boss! I was always doing everything for my kids, my husband, recently my dad and even the dog until I realized I was doing too much and enabling them all. It's easy for us multi-tasking women to do and difficult to let go. I found that I have to take time for myself or I become miserable to everyone around me and, as you said, anxious and depressed. I especially have to make time for my colored pencil and then I feel much, much better when I'm creating!

Dianna Soisson said...

Brava Kendra! I couldn't have said it better! I agree taking time for colored pencil. After a good day of drawing I feel like I can handle anything!! :)