Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Time To Breathe

Though I should be at my drawing table working on my entry piece for the CPSA International Competition, I find myself aimlessly wondering around the house cleaning, organizing or just anything else in order to keep my mind off my son who is in Army basic for 16 weeks.
Don't get me wrong, my art has always been my therapy and has been able to calm my nerves. But this time I can't seem to think about anything but wondering how my son is doing. He hasn't been able to call except to quickly let us know that he arrived and he wrote saying that it will be at least another three weeks before we can talk on the phone. (It has already been two.)
I realize that at the end of 16 weeks he will come home a respectable, honorable and grown man but not being able to see or talk to someone that you have raised for 18 years is painful right now.
Therefore, if my readers don't mind, I may occasionally be posting some insightful thoughts from a book that has been by my side for the last two weeks. It's called Simple Abundance "a day book of comfort and joy" by Sarah Ban Breathnach.
Most women read for pleasure or to gain knowledge about raising children, improving relationships and finances. I have found comfort in reading daily inspirations. I find refuge and temporary shelter for my soul from the everyday discord. Relief is another expression that rises when I read similar feelings coming from other women authors.
The book concentrates on the journey within yourself. Happiness is not found in external possessions but within yourself. It is based upon six principles: gratitude, simplicity, order, harmony, beauty and joy.
Order stood out this week as it probably will for the next few weeks preparing for taxes and preparing the kitchen for painting. I have no control over my children (though a mother likes to believe so) nor do I have control in anything outside my life. Anxiety is my middle name. I need to have some type of control in my life. I don't know a female friend of mine that can think clearly with a sink full of dirty dishes, an empty refrigerator, piles of dirty laundry and a cluttered desktop.
So to clear my mind I'll be cleaning house and when I'm emotionally drained I'll be back to painting.
I wish you all simple lives and as always thanks for reading!

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