Friday, November 11, 2011

Question For My Readers

I have received many inquiries about the carousel that my husband made for me. Most of which were... could my husband make them one. Now my much would an artist pay for it? We have totaled the costs of supplies, but hours of labor are more than one would care to pay for. So minus the pencils and printed labels how much is it worth to you? I will not be offended by any price. I realize that by asking for opinions that I am opening myself to criticism. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.
Thanks for reading!


Debbi said...

Hmmm, you really deserve an answer to your question, and I'm not sure what it is!!! How much time does it take to make? People can label their own, because everyone organizes their colors differently. Personally, I couldn't keep my pencils that way, as it's just tooooo neat. LOL Miss you.

Dianna Soisson said...

Thanks Debbi. I have had several e-mails about it and they seem to range anywhere from $35 to $185. Bill spent quite a bit of time on it so I think the fair price would in the mid-range of the suggestions.
Are you getting a lot of drawing done? Keep me posted! Miss you too!

Debbi said...

Yes, mid-range sounds right. Maybe under $100, if possible, just to make it more affordable? Somehow one never gets paid what one is worth when making things for love. Sound familiar?
And yes, I have been getting lots of work done. Just took 7 pieces to the framer's today for a small show in January! How about you?