Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ready, Set, Draw!

After hearing only good things about the Caran D'ache Pablo color pencils I had to see for myself what is so wonderful about these pencils.
They are more expensive than my Prismacolors but I decided to loosen the purse strings and go for it. My order arrived on Tuesday and I was floating on air when I opened the set! The gorgeous rainbow of colors, perfectly sharpened and in order! I felt my O.C.D. kick in before I reached out to slowly move my fingers along the tray and stopped. I had to take a photo! Once I began to draw this tin box would never be the same. Okay.......enough about this compulsion.
These pencils draw like butter! I haven't come close to any pencil in comparison to the Prismacolors and I have to say that the Pablos are there....minus the price. As I get further on my drawing I'll let you know how the color choices are.
Until then, happy drawing and as always thanks for reading.


Barbara Goodsitt said...

Ok, I ordered a smaller anniversary set that was on sale. You should get a commission. I am looking forward to trying these out too!

katsudden said...

Let me know what you think of them. I'm curious!