Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trash to Treasure, The Final Project

Well I finally finished my rainbow storage bin, labels and all. It fits perfectly on top of my flat files and there's still plenty of unused drawers to fill! The flat files were purchased from an office that was going out of business last winter. My husband and I went to the sale and found them in the usual gray color with quite a few scrapes and scratches all over it. Because my studio faces the north side and is quite small I wanted the room to be as light as possible, the furniture as well. I painted the walls in a cameo white and painted the flat files white. My husband made a laminate top for it so it would bare weight more evenly.
So the room is complete with the exception of creating another color pencil lazy susan. It's still in the planning stages but will be posted. I promise.
Now that the "nesting" process is winding down, I'm preparing for the hibernation in my studio for the fall and winter months to come. I've been adding more nature photos to my inventory and am hoping I'll have a few nice ones to keep me busy for the next several months.


Karen Rae said...

so lovely. I appreciate the way you inserted the drawers so that the colors follow an angle.

Debbi said...

Very cool storage solution Dianna. I want one of these!!!!