Friday, April 8, 2011

My First Publishing!

I'm so excited to have received a copy of Pratique Des Arts yesterday. The French art magazine's April/May issue contains a special portfolio recognizing color pencil artwork and I am very humbled to have my work published among some of the best color pencil artists. My "Pink Peonies" was chosen to be displayed in this beautiful magazine on page 7.

The editor of Pratique Des Arts contacted me a while ago about my work and asked for permission to publish it. I was very honored to discover that other color pencil artists such as Ann Kullberg, Alan Servoss, Arlene Steinberg and east coast friend Deborah Friedman were among those also being published.

The magazine's layout is very attractive and appealing and I must say had me wishing I had studied the French language in college. But with the assistance of technology I'm able to use the translator on-line.

My dream as a little girl was to become a Hallmark artist and create beautiful greeting cards but I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could make my own cards and that my work would be displayed internationally. I owe a big thank you to my parents for keeping me grounded and always believing in me. My husband and children are the world's best supporters when it comes to my "drawing marathons". I tend to "draw better and become enlightened under stress" as my husband puts it.

I'll be planning another drawing marathon within the next month so stay tuned!

Thank you all for reading.


Vicki Greene said...

Congratulations! Beautiful work and a great honor.

Kendra said...

Such a great story and so nice to hear your dreams coming true! I haven't heard of the magazine until Debbi mentioned it to me. I will have to try to find a copy. Congratulations! It's always pleasing to see colored pencil recognized for the wonderful medium that it is.

Dianna Soisson said...

Thank you Vicki. I am very humbled by this honor.
Kendra, I agree with you that it is nice to hear of anyone's dreams coming true and having loved ones and friends around to share it with. Support is backbone of those dreams. Thank you!

sam said...

Wow, big congratulations! You really deserve it, such stunning work.

Debbi said...

Woo hoo Dianna! Great to get published and in a foreign magazine for your first time!! Now if my darn copy would arrive. .. .

Dianna Soisson said...

You're very kind Sam.
Debbi, My husband's sister's friend picked up a few copies for me in France and sent them. That's how I got mine so early. I'm sure you'll be getting yours soon.

Barbara Goodsitt said...

Congratulations Dianna! I am so happy for you!