Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hi-Ho Dallas, Away!

This week the CPSA announced it's 19th annual list of accepted artists and I was very honored that my " Beyond All Boundaries" was on the list.
This year's accepted art will be displayed at the Charles W. Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas from June 29 to July 31. The artists' convention will be held from July 12 - July 16.
Last year was my first time attending the convention. It was held in Los Gatos, California where the sun shined everyday and humidity didn't exist.
All members look forward to the annual reunion of old friends, making new ones and creating memories that will linger for months until the anticipation for the following CPSA exhibit submissions begin. Giggles, laughs and hugs begin the moment we arrive.
Thursday and Friday two color pencil workshops are given and this year they are being offered by Bonnie Auten, CPSA and Sheila Theodoratos, CPSA both exceptional artists.
Thursday will be the presentation of all show entries followed by door prizes that are generously donated by art supply companies and then last but not least the silent auction where we can bid on our colleagues original artwork!
Friday evening is the long awaited Awards Banquet and Saturday will be the Artists' Reception at the Charles W. Eisemann Center.
Brought up with and loving country music, I had always wanted to visit Texas. As a little girl I loved my cowgirl hat and spring horse. (I think everyone had one of those.) Since then I have been thrown twice (by real horses) and vowed to never mount one again unless it is bolted to a steel plate and run by a coin machine. :) But hey, how does the saying go....when in Rome? So I'll be bucking it up and attempting horseback riding again. (Photos will not be shown. :D)
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Lynda Schumacher said...

Hahahahaha.......I LOVE that photo! : )))))))

Barbara Goodsitt said...

Congratualtions and have agreat time.