Thursday, March 31, 2011

CPSA Entry Completed

I vowed to myself last year that I would never work under the gun again with my CPSA entry piece. But alas, just as I have done with cleaning the house, doing taxes, etc. I have used every excuse to avoid the barriers I hit during the progress of this piece. The size started off to be 22 x 34. But as the colors were added the composition became too complicated. Cropping is a too familiar word in my vocabulary and it found it's way back into this painting. After focusing more on the movement of the rapids and the direction of the highlighted water, it became apparent where I had to crop it. It is now 14 x 31.
After the crop, relief and satisfaction came. (I feel the same way about a new hairstyle. :) )

Beyond All Boundaries started to come to life and I felt as if the pencils knew just where to go without my assistance. I became excited about the near birth of this painting!

I have been told by a dear friend to learn to trust yourself. Thank you dear friend!! As I become more comfortable with my decisions I am becoming more confident with them as well.

I used to think art was just about creating, but I'm understanding it's about my life, taking on new challenges and winning them. My paintings are becoming the pages of the diary of my life. As I look back at each piece I can remember what time of year it was and what struggles, challenges and accomplishments I have made. Hence, my latest and newest piece Beyond All Boundaries.

I wish all those who entered the competition the best of luck!

Thank you all for reading.


Lynda Schumacher said...

Dianna, this piece is beautiful. I am most drawn in by the wonderful shapes and reflections on the water's surface -- so genuinely executed. Truly well done.

Dianna Soisson said...

Thank you Lynda! The kids actually have fun looking at the shapes like clouds and making objects out of them! I'm wondering though if they can see the water? :)

Fay Akers said...

i'm always at awe at your wonderful work.

Kendra said...

Its a beautiful piece. I love the abstractions in the water as well as the realism. Best of luck, I bet it will be accepted!