Saturday, June 29, 2013

Belief and Faith

       It's going to be a very short blog today. A question for all viewers is 'how good does it feel when someone still believes in you and has not lost faith in you?'
       Thank you to ally family, friends, and supporters last weekend at the art show in Pennsylvania. Also a huge thank you to the gallery who represents me in New Buffalo, Michigan. A lovely phone call today from the owners encouraged me with their hope, belief, and faith in me.
God bless and as always thank you for reading!


Sally J said...

I like the new photo on the blog. Great haircut. So happy about your new show. God bless!

Dianna Wallace Soisson said...

Thanks Sally! Unfortunately the photo was taken in the spring and my hair is longer. :) I'm trying to live on the adventurous side! ;)