Sunday, December 30, 2012

In Search of My Ithaka

       Ithaka was a beautiful island that belonged to the Greek hero, Odysseus. After Odysseus fought the Trojan war he searched out beautiful lands, waters, and treasures.
       Today when we speak of an odyssey we refer to finding our own beautiful land, water, area to call our own, our treasures, our authentic self, our soul mate. This journey should take a life time. We meet new friends, see profound sights, experience life to it's fullest.
       I have always been in a rush to complete projects and move on to the next hoping one day I will have time to enjoy that cup of tea before rushing off to prepare dinner. This concussion is a blessing in disguise. I have enjoyed a few minutes of reading at a time, savored holiday coffees and teas, and watched huge snowflakes falling out the sliding door wall.
       I am allowing myself to be inspired, enriched, and enlightened by people and events around me. My journey doesn't necessarily have to lead itself outside my home. My journey is within myself as well and how I perceive life.
       My drawing is postponed momentarily and I will use this time to grow spiritually and graciously giving thanks to those around me.

       As always, thank you for reading and God bless!

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Sally J said...

Good luck! That is a journey all of are on.