Friday, December 28, 2012

I Believe...

       Many of my dreams still await in the wings. My hunger, desires, and passions seem to have been delayed by the concussion.
       I will not quit. I may shed a tear from time to time to cleanse my soul and make room for new hope and believing in my authentic self. I will not seek out sympathy, that only adds to my skepticism.
       I seek out for those souls that will continue to help me believe in myself, my passion, my creativity, and my love of spirituality.
       I am drawn to those with kind and gentle wisdom, clarity, solace, and serenity.
       My family is becoming more patient with me as I try to describe where to find an object in the house. My anxiety kicks in as I stumble with my sentences and descriptions.They are understanding that my cognitive area is having difficulty so I take them by the hand and show them.
       Belief is not always easy for me because my thinking gets in the way. It is my faith that allows me to believe.
       If I allow God to take charge and rely on His examples and experience of friends I know that I can trust and believe. Today can be easy.

As always thanks for reading and God bless!

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Sally J said...

I am so glad you won't be quitting. Your talent is an amazing and inspiring gift to us. I know that because you have inspired me. Prayers are with you.