Monday, May 31, 2010

New Inventory for Upcoming Art Show!

I felt like a kid on Christmas day when I picked up my new order of note cards for my show in Pennsylvania in June! I have had boxed note cards of my "Nature's Candy" series for a few years now and my customers always asked if I would ever get note cards made of my florals and my latest water series. Well, despite the economy, I bit the bullet and placed an order of note cards. I'm very happy I did! I am very pleased with the vibrant colors and the professionalism of the company.
The note cards are available in every floral that I have done as well as the water series with the exception of my latest "Caught Up In the Moment". They will be sold individually and come in a protective polysleeve. The cost will be $2 per card. Many customers don't have the wall space but would like something small to brighten their day and I'm hoping this will do just the thing!
As I have stated in one of my prior blogs, I am showing the last weekend of June in Kane, Pennsylvania at the "Art in the Wilds". I'm looking forward to going home and seeing family and old friends and making some new friends as well! I can always count on the best hospitality there!

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Scott D. Tillett said...

Thank you Dianna for joining my blog. You work is absolutely inspiring. Best of luck with your art show.