Saturday, January 9, 2010

And a new year begins!

What a beautiful day to be inspired! It may be only in the single digits out there and snow, but being born and raised a Pennsylvanian I am used to feet of snow outside the front door. By the way, the photo is of my Pennsylvania homestead. The sun is shining on the snow and I love the way it glistens through my studio window! It's a perfect day to sit at the drawing table with a cup of tea and mood music and get down to some serious drawing.
I hope... to accomplish a recent drawing from my water series. This will be the last of the series but I would like to continue drawing water.
Has anyone seen the movie "Julie and Julia"? How many of us feel like Julie did? I'm not sure that it was the completion of the goal that entirely satisfied her or the contribution of the many blog followers. Blogging to me, is the marriage of a diary and pen paling together. What a fantastic reunion! And the result is the friends that are made across the world that have something in common!
I wish you all a warm and happy new year and those of you who don't like snow or cold, just remember that nothing is permanent.


lilred9418 said...

I took that picture!

Lynda Schumacher said...

Okay Dianna; I am looking forward to seeing that next water piece. Get to work!! (sound of whip cracking.......)

I know: in your 'free time', right? You will do it. : )

Dianna said...

Yes Julie, I will give credit where credit is due. You took a beautiful photo!!! Thank you for letting me use it.

Oh Linda....I not only can hear that whip...but I can feel it!! I'm past laying the first base color down. Now the fun begins! Those layers and layers of my earth tones!! I'm still shooting to complete by International date!
By the way when is your opening at the Hudson? I'd like to mark that on my calendar. Your horse looks great!!

Barbara Goodsitt said...

Hi Dianna,
I really like the water pieces I have seen on your website. Really amazing work!

Dianna said...

Thanks Barbara! I love going in this direction. My color palette is limited in florals if I want to stay true but with the water I feel I have a lot more freedom and I am able to experiment more with movement.

Beth said...

Your work is beautiful Diana!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I know you will enjoy blogging. It is a great way to connect with other artists! I look forward to reading yours in the future.

Dianna said...

Thank you Beth. I also will look forward to chatting it up with you and other artists as well.